Oral Presentations

Both oral and poster presentations are accepted


Rules for oral presentation


-The accepted languages are English and Turkish

-The full texts of accepted abstracts will be requested on the date specified on the calender

-Name and surname of the writer, affiliation,  institute and contact ( address,phone number, e-mail adres) are required.

-Abstracts must be typed as 12 punts font size.

-Abstracts of less than 350 words will not be accepted except for title and bibliography

-The papers must be written both in English and Turkish. The text should be in Microsoft  2003 or further versions.

-5 keywords must be given

Tables, figures, pictures can be used ıf it is needed.Pictures and tables must be sent to the given e-mail address. The format must be 304 picsel/inch and ipeg.

-Pictures and tables must be listed as Image 1, Image 2….., the information maust be writtenbelow and resources must be stated.


Top: 4cm

Left: 4 cm

Bottom: 2.5 cm

Right: 2.5 cm

Character: Times New Roman (12 font)

Line Spacing: single

Paragraph Spacing: 3nk

Citation Format

References should be written according to APA format. Sources should be clearly indicated in the text of the paper.

All responsibility for the use of the text, citation and images used in the paper belongs to the auther.


The link below is for oral presentations.




Symposium Dates : 13-14 October 2022


Thank you for your interest in our symposium.

Summary evaluation results will be notified via e-mail.


Paper Submission Deadline : June 22nd 2022

Review results Announcements (Paper) : July 29th 2022

Registration Starts on: July 29th 2022 (Presentation: 450 Turkish Liras Poster: 300 Turksh Liras)

Registration Deadline : August 23rd 2022 (Presentation: 450 Turkish Liras Poster: 300 Turksh Liras)

Note: On condition that the participation fee is not paid until the last deposit date, papers will not be presented and published.


Bank account information on participation fee will be declared soon.




Oral Presentation Form